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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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overnight. right now arson investigators on scene. plus a brave girl scout takes on a thief in the south bay. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have some gusty wind for the first part of the day, it will relax later on and then we're talking about rain showers and a return to winter. all the details in moments. >> a couple of locations commuters don't want to hear me call out. i have a crash update near the dublin interchange and castro valley y. live look outside of the bay bridge, shaky bay bridge, at least the camera is shaking. monday february the 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay." >> very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. arson investigators are trying to figure out what sparked three suspicious car fires overnight. before the flames, neighbors say they heard explosions. "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez live in campbell with the latest. a lot of questions this morning. good morning, chris. >> good morning, sam. some of the neighbors nearby heard explosions, some jumped from their beds and ran out into the parking lot where a lot of folks park overnight who live at the apartment complex. they say they saw the vehicles fully engulfed in flames and that's exactly how the santa clara county fire department found them. one of our viewers shared that with us, the video, and it is a dramatic video. the story is pretty dramatic as well, three cars on fire at the same time with no immediate source that was really apparent to firefighters and that's why they say that arson investigators are now investigating as a suspicious fire. >> it's success spispicious any have three of anything on fire. we're working to investigate the cause and origin of the fire. >> reporter: so the bad news is, three families will have to find some other way to get around town today because those cars,
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two nissans and one hyundai completely destroyed but the good news is as those three cars were fully engulfed in flames in this parking lot, they were not close enough to any buildings or any apartment complexes to cause any damage to residences and no one was injured in this fire. the santa clara county arson task force is working on this case. i asked if these might be connected to any other car fires that we've reported on in recent history in san jose and the battalion says no because those cases were closed. here opens up a new chapter and three cars possibly destroyed by an arsonist. >> thank you very much, kris. he didn't want thin mints, dosidos or samoas. thief snatched hundreds of dollars from the hands of a young girl scout. "today in the bay's" rob redell is live where it happened in front of a safe way in san jose. the girl scout and suspect got
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into a tug-of-war over the money. >> reporter: girl scouts with local troop 601 0 set up shop outside this safe way here in branham lane in san jose to sell the girl kout scout cook e autos. parentally they were doing well yesterday afternoon, they amassed $600 in cash sales but something did catch the attention of 10-year-old sophia cantos one of the girl scouts. she noticed a man eyeing their cash box with the $ 00 inside. sensing something wasn't right she kept her hand on the box. he made a go for it and in spite of her best efforts he was too strong, overpowered her hand and was able to steal the box and the money, 23-year-old cody gintz allegedly returned to the scene to drive off in his car after allegedly stealing money. he and his mom jotted down the lbs plate number and he was arrested a short time later for strongarm robbery. >> i didn't know a guy would do that. i didn't know there were people around here that would do such a
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thing and it just made me feel bad. >> san jose police say they found $300 on gintz when they arrested him. a k9 officer helped find the cash box ditched in a nearby creek. the responding officers pitched in $60 for the girl scout troop and bought the remaining cookies valued at $240. gintz expected to make his first court appearance this upcoming wednesday. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay" >> that was nice of the police officers as well. the little girl should get a special badge, bob. thanks. 6:04. convicted sex offender just released on parole may answer to new charges this morning, accused of molesting a little girl inside of a 99 cent store earlier in the month. he had just been paroled when the latest attack happened. a former san francisco police officer finds out today
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if he will serve time in prison for corruption. he was a member of a narcotics team linked to a series of illegal raids back in 2009. in december, he was convicted of stealing money and property along with wire fraud and conspiracy to distribute drugs. he faces up to eight years in prison at today's sentencing. also in court today, a high-end call girl charged in the deadly heroin overdose of a google executive. alex tickleman is accused of injecting google executive forrest hayes with an illegal dose of heroin. tickleman faces felony manslaughter charges for leaving the boat as hayes was lying there dying. oakland port workers are officially back on the job, lingering labor issues make some wonder if everyone is on board. problems started over the weekend, after both sides reached a deal friday. longshoremen took a break en masse yesterday morning violating port rules. the port sent workers home.
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last night an arbitrator ordered the longshoremen back to work. the union calls the brief stoppage a "misunderstanding" and no other port was affected. time right now is 6:06. pretty much on the dot as we look at your microclimate forecast, a live look outside right now at the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. you can see that camera shaking a little bit side to side. taking a few cameras this morning, some shaking more violently than others but there are wind issues out there in parts of the bay area. christina has been talking about that and an advisory for a few more hours. >> that's exactly right. sam, law camera, everybody at home, good morning. it should be expiring on time about 10:00 a.m. and temperature, really mild in places that are getting the wind. i want to draw your attention to san martin, one of the places where we aren't getting any wind at all. you're in the 30s down there, elsewhere we've got some fierce wind. what that does is, it mixes up our atmosphere and keeping your temperatures mostly in the 50s. so a windy start, not a lot of warming for today. temperatures are only going to
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be in the upper 50s to low 60s as of lunch time today, and we'll round out the day in the mid-60s so you'll probably need a jacket for most of the day if you're going to be outdoors. as we get into tonight the coldest night in a month ahead. you might have to use your heater if you've been able to give it a break and temperatures will be very chilly, even in the north bay, 35 degrees, you're at 36 in the tri valley tonight, and the peninsula will drop down to 37 degrees. as we head throughout your tuesday night, a big night in san jose. cinequest opening night. ily' have the luxury and the privilege very honored to be out there for my fourth year. they keep on asking me back, mike, and i'll be out on the red carpet tomorrow night and we should have live updates for you right here on nbc bay area. but it say great event and all proceeds benefit all the area right down here in the south bay, everything comes back to the community. more on that coming up. "bat kid begins" we'll be talking about that the next
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couple of days. pretty exciting. we got to take part in that, a great day. >> superhero transition map and reporting about gotham city. that was a great story and a great movie from what i understand, looking forward to seeing that. looking forward to dublin as well. et wi580, that should be at cinequest, no, it shouldn't. smooth drive good news and better flow of traffic after the earlier crash that was in lanes for a couple of minutes, moved to the shoulder and looks like everything is calming down to its tripical tri valley commute you expect for a monday. we also have this crash i'm watching north of castro valley y and 28. 880 northbound at marina boulevardébbk debris and they a over there, chp patrol, bottom of your screen slowing toward hayward and union city. looking at the rest of the bay a smooth drive, wind vuzryes for the dumbarton, bay bridge and
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richmond/san rafael bridge. bay bridge a smooth drive despite the wind advisory. the cameras shake from emeryville and san francisco side because of the breeze coming across the span. golden gate bridge we have a smooth drive here into the city. this is the one bridge that does not have the wind advisory. it's kind of parallel to the wind and b.a.r.t. issues a 15 to 20-minute delay reported out of macarthur station, mechanical problems. often happens in the morning commute. they should be able to recover but we'll track that, right now 15 to 20. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:09 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," glitz, glamour and controversy, a look back at hollywood's biggest night, next. last time the nasdaq index c ross ed 5000 with he had the dot-combust. we'll talk about it. my tin man has a big toe the size of a house.
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from the red carpet to the
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hollywood stage to the famous afterparties, the world's biggest stars likely winding down after a night full of celebrating the 87th annual academy awards. >> maybe they're still going strong. jennifer bjorklund in hollywood. >> reporter: it was an interesting night, and a very busy morning here on what was the red carpet. there's a gigantic thing sticking up the k rails, we have to get out of the street. last night this was dmamor "birdman" came out on top and the biggest winnering in the actors were first-timers here at the 87th oscars. >> we honor hollywood's best and whitest -- sorry, brightest.
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>> "birdman." >> reporter: it won four oscars including best picture and best director. >> we are here, i don't know how that happened but it happened. >> reporter: it also happened for eddie redmain for his portrayal of steven hawking. >> this belongs to all of those people around the world battling als. >> reporter: a struggle with early onset alzheimer's fueled julianne moore's character in "still alice" and her performance brought a first oscar as best actress. >> at the end of the day it's the work, you know. it's being able to do work that i love that's been so rewarding and this is just amazing. >> reporter: after dominating the pre-oscar award season, j.k. simmons scored again, best supporting actor for "whiplash" and patricia arquette earned an oscar in need of a post show name enscription, best supporting actress for "boyhood." ♪ oh glory ♪ glory >> reporter: the absence of acting nominations for "selma" stirred controversy into last night but a stirring performance
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of the anthem "glory" brought audience members to tears moments before it won best original song. >> this is really important. the oscars, there's nothing like it in the world, and for to us win this award we're very grateful. >> reporter: "the grand budapest hotel" shared in oscar glory. it tied "birdman" with four wins overall. and fan favorites like "american sniper" and "interstellar" huge winners at the box office h to settle for single wins in technical categories at the oscars. i'm jennifer bjorklund live in hollywood. back to you. >> what a quick turnaround behind you. >> such a grand production. >> you look lovely in your pearls. thank you. >> jennifer looks back at the surroundings there, we have all of the winners and loser s listd on our websites and photos from the afterparty and a little quiz
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you can take to test your red carpet knowledge. go to and search "oscars." here's a look at today's top stories at 6:14 this morning. arson investigators say three early morning car fires in campbell may have been intentionally set. it happened at an apartment complex near winchester boulevard. no one was hurt. a san jose man is behind bars this morning accused of trying to rip off the girl scouts. the girl scouts who were selling cookies in front of a san jose safeway when a man stole the cash box. he was later captured and the money returned. over the weekend the terrorist group al shabab released a message on twitter calling for attacks on the largest malls. scott mcgrew nasdaq 5000 is a big deal. >> it's a "thing" around here, laura. people working in some of the news startups may not be old enough to report but in the
6:16 am
dot-com boom, then the bubble was over, and the nasdaq could cross 5000 any day now. the all-time high was 5132. what happens when we cross? is it different? and the answer is yes. this time around the valuations are much better. the relationship between the price that people pay for a share of a company and the amount of money that company mangz in profits much tighter. it's a lot less sketchy than in march of 2000. let's take you back there. >> oh, done! >> companies like microsoft and intel were joined by peculiar companies like my favorite shoe and of course, companies that made no profit. when the wheels came off, tens of thousands of people in the bay area lost their jobs overnight. coming back to 2015, we can
6:17 am
count on apple this time. nasdaq is a weighted stock index and is the world's biggest and pu company. apple will carry a lot of weight on the nasdaq. so one big move by apple can pull us over 5k with none of the risks of a apple's biggest problem, guys, is not that it's running out of money like the companies of old. it's trying to figure out what to do with the money that it has. we could see nasdaq 5000 sometime this week. >> wow, what a milestone there. >> it is. >> the watch is on, thank you very much, scott. happening now, another blast of arctic air is hitting northern new england and parts of new york today. the national weather service says temperatures will be 25 to 30 degrees below normal. lake plasi iplacid in new york e as low as 30 degrees below zero today, that is cold. >> something we want nothing to do with. time to take a live look outside for your microclimate forecast, that is the bay bridge on a monday morning, as you get ready
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to start your work week. everybody was dressed glamorously last night. we continue that tradition right now this morning, looking good in red, christina, you said you were going to have a red carpet for cinequest on tuesday. >> yes, i'm excited, probably my favorite event every single year, aside from the girardelli square tree lighting. thank you for inviting us to your events. we love covering it especially when the events benefit the community. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. we're at 36 degrees in san martin to kick off the day, that's when we're not getting any wind. look, you are not just ten degrees warmer up in san francisco this morning, you are 20 degrees warmer. hey, microclimates in san francisco you get the mixing from the wind out there, so that's a pretty stark difference if you adjust the thermostat in your home by a degree or two, it noticeable waking up in gilroy,
6:19 am
san martin, santa teresa and headed to the city. the gusty wind will drop off and the cold air will settle in 37 we get a tight pressure gradient, as a result we're seeing that wind. that system is high tailing it out of here. as a result the wind will drop off as we head throughout the day. upper 50s to low 60s, with he'll be at 64 degrees on the peninsula today. 64 degrees in the south bay and 64 degrees in the north bay to finish out the day at 3:00. notice we'll get a little of a woost from temperatures wednesday to thursday approaching the 70s, not just here in the south bay but also in san francisco before our next weathermaker moves in and this will likely bring us shower activity friday into saturday. we stop the clock at 7:00 p.m. friday, showers begin and persist until about 4:00 on saturday, so if you're trying to make those outdoor plans, two very different sides to the weekend.
6:20 am
sunday is your day to get outdoors. clouds clearing out and temps in the low 60s. mike, we need the rain, unfortunately we probably don't want it on the weekend but we'll take whatever we can get. good morning. >> good morning, beggars can't be choosers so we're asking politely. over here westbound 580 and i have the traffic update here. after the last report someone pulled over on the shoulder. whatever happened they cleared the off-ramp. it's a better flow of traffic and back to your maps again the build for the tri valley. we expect it to happen over here westbound 580. note out of the altamont pass chp early morning gave a wind advisory, where we have the windmill farms, gusty conditions coming out of the range. no major drama westbound commute through the tri valley a typical pattern, smoother drive north toward the walnut creek interchange. south 680 slows coming out of concord and pleasant hill. your southbound direction, 680
6:21 am
hayward, 880 slowing in the southbound commute direction anywhere from 580 towards the fremont area. we also have a crash northbound 880 right around marina boulevard that hasn't been an issue since it happened earlier this morning. there was some debris reported as well. we'll zoom your map out to the south bay and looking at north bay 101, a little bit of yellow, speeds are dipping down below 60 miles per hour for north 101. live look at our camera san jose 680 at 101, 680 and 280, the sun is coming up. we'll watch this pattern for silicon valley as we get back to your maps, talking about a smooth flow through the area in through palo alto, a little volume increase for palo alto and san mateo. the bay bridge approach typical slowing off of the maze and east shore freeway and north bay wind advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge and bay bridge as we had gusts of wind coming across the bay. the metering lights are on but this issue marina at 880 for those of you who heard about the san leandro crash it cleared out of the roadway. back to you. >> good news there, thank you,
6:22 am
mike. time is 6:21. still ahead, the hidden health benefits of hand washing your dirty dishes. >> get to work. plus new painless treatment for people living with peanut allergies. live look outside right now, san jose in what looks like daybreak from here. sure looks nice. we'll be right back with the weather forecast for your week. traffic and news after the break.
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a very good morning to you. isn't that a gorgeous look outside. vantage point from emeryville looking at the bay bridge. 6:25 this morning. america's biggest tobacco companies are ready to pass along factual health information about cigarettes. they won't go along in an ad campaign which they brand themselves as liars. the companies head to appeals courts arguing those ads should be set aside. in 2006 a federal judge ordered cigarette makers to publicly admit they had lied for decades about the dangers of smoking. parents should not feel guilty about giving their children sugar and fat under one condition, with a little bit of the bad and a lot of the goed. the top pediatricians say it's okay for kids to dip fresh vegetables in ranch dressing or have a sprinkle of brown sugar on oatmeal if it makes the foods
6:26 am
more appealing, leading to your kids eating more healthier foods overall. more proof of a little dirt, parents trying to convince kids something they don't want to do. >> a new study suggests children who wash dishes by hand may lower their kids' developing allergies by 50%. the relationship was greater if the children also ate fermented foods or if the families bought food from local farms. as for people with peanut allergies, a new patch could bring some relief. the peanut patch exposes patients to small doses of peanut proteins through the skin over a long period of time. half of participants in a clinical trial were able to tolerate the equivalent of four peanuts after one year of wearing that patch. 6:26 right now. the opening bell is just minutes away. we'll take an early look at the numbers coming up next with scott mcgrew. a warning to shoppers across
6:27 am
the country. new terror threat targeting malls in the u.s.
6:28 am
i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power.
6:29 am
it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be. a terror threat targeting the country's buzz nest shopping malls, details next. good monday morning to you. we'll start with some wind and funnish off with some rain. lots to go over in your microclimate in moments. a couple of warnings for folks across the san mateo
6:30 am
bridge, new crash approaching the bay bridge and the rest of your bridges we'll give those drivers a note squl. the dow industrials start their day at their all-time high, here is a live look at the nyse. the nasdaq are celebrating a 15-year high. we'll have your latest numbers coming up. a live look outside right now, downtown san jose, as the sun comes up it's monday february the 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay." good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> even i'm laura garcia-cannon. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill, we've heard from terrorists before. >> we have this al shabab the somali based group that took responsibility for the 2013 deadly attack on that mall in
6:31 am
nairobi, kenya, now they put out a video over the weekend saying the mall of america and other big malls around the world will be targeted. the authorities here in washington say that it's not a credible threat but certainly they are watching this mall and others. the mall says they have raised their own security as a result of that. and all of this is raising more awareness about the need for money at homeland security. there's a friday deadline for lawmakers to fund that agency, it's been caught up in a big fight over immigration, but now some of the republicans who did not want to give up that money say that they will back off, because a federal court has sided with them when it comes to the president's immigration orders. they don't want to see 5 million people who are in this country undocumented stay here without being deported and a federal judge agrees so they're going to agree to let that go through the court system and go ahead and give that money to homeland security. they've got to get it done quickly, if they can't get it done by friday, 30,000 people in
6:32 am
that agency could be furloughed, another 200,000 could be forced to work without pay. >> a lot of big numbers there, thank you very much, tracie. >> it's 6:31. families of three missing british teenagers are making emotional pleas for the gurlz' return. the teenagers ran away last week. their parents fear they are off to join up with isis militants. they boarded a flight to turkey and may be en route to syria. authorities are using social media to try to contact the girls and convince them to come back home. >> 6:32 right now. time to check the microclimate forecast on this monday morning as we take a peek outside overlooking this is up by san bruno mountain, sometimes you see the clouds hanging overhead, clear out there. some wind blowing everything out, christina. >> yes, still going to make way to a beautiful day. good morning to you, laura, sam, everybody at home. some gusty conditions especially throughout the higher elevation across the bay area as we get into your afternoon. we'll see that wind drop off considerably. i want to start with the live
6:33 am
picture from pleasanton and you'll notice we are getting those really pretty sunrise shots. san jose now also seeing a gorgeous start to the day here in san francisco. this is the outer sunset district, but everything's going to change as we hit that time change, so enjoy it while it lasts. we're going to have to wait until after 7:30 as we get into the second week of march and we hit that time change, march 8th, if you want to mark your calendar. 50 degrees in livermore for today. we're at 36 right now in san martin and this is where you're not getting any wind and you'll notice here, you're 20 degrees warmer in san francisco, where that wind is mixing everything up. as we head throughout the day today, wind will relax, temperatures will stay on the cool side. we'll be at 56 degrees in the south bay for today, at lunch time. 58 degrees on the peninsula, and about 60 degrees on the east shore at noon, rounding out the day at about 64 degrees there. we'll hit 61 in the tri valley and 64 degrees with decreasing wind in the south bay. there is rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up
6:34 am
and it could hamper some weekend plans. more on that in moments. right now, here's mike and your drive. >> all right, christina. folks taking you out to the east shore freeway, south of palo alto, or west as far as the freeway is concerned before you reach the berkeley curve. the flashing lights, this fender bender made its way to the shoulder but enough of a distraction where traffic should start to flow better headed toward the split, causing a bit of distraction. top of your screen we circled that west 80 approaching the east shore freeway and berkeley curve we have the slowdown. the maze moving smoother for 580, but slowing for westbound 24 squl. that's a typical morning pattern there, watching berkeley in toward the bay bridge for additional slowing as that crashes over on the shoulder. we're looking at the arrows, directions for your typical commute southbound 880 through hayward and southbound 680 through pleasanton and sunot. earlier crash north 880 at
6:35 am
marina cleared, headed toward san leandro. the ex-claiming point for 92 the san mateo bridge a wind advisory issued as you cross that span and dumbarton bridge and the high-rise as well. the bay bridge and san rafael bridge also have wind advisories. foster city camera the high-rise which is definitely well populated with the headlights coming over to the peninsula and the camera shakes from time to time, gusty conditions around the bay. watch the east bay and north bay hills cycle. back to the maps a smooth flow of traffic for the rest of the bay, typical pattern coming over to the peninsula but not affecting 101 or 280 yet. b.a.r.t. still reporting a delay because of the mechanical difficulties out of the macarthur station so both directions mill bray or over toward the east bay. >> still about 15, 20 minutes. >> about 15, 20 minutes. the markets have been open, we're watching those for a few minutes now. >> let's check the numbers with scott mcdwrgrew. >> good morning to you, they=oñe lower. dow industrial losing 30 points,
6:36 am
now 84 points. the move was big as i walked over from my desk. the nasdaq not quite as bad, down only 3 to 4932. we were talking earl whier about nasdaq 2000. we could very well hit it this week. apple is helping prop up the nasdaq and pull it to at least a little bit higher on this negative day. we'll talk more about what it means coming up in a bit. >> that will be something to see. still ahead, retaliation against whistle-blowers. a program meant to help people who speak out is failing to protect them. we investigate, next. and a live look outside the bay bridge, and some calm-ish waters this morning but the wind's effects on the camera there. we'll have more on your weather forecast coming up next. traffic and news as well. we'll be right back.
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6:38 am
6:39 am
welcome, if you're just waking up with us at 6:39 right now on your monday, as you start your work week. live look outside at the golden gate bridge. they are the workers who speak up when they see public safety issues aput us all at risk. >> from airlines to pipelines, employees on the front lines are supposed to be protected from retaliation when they raise red flags. the federal program pro-to-protect whistle-blowers is often failing to meet its mission. an insider reveals what he calls
6:40 am
the patterns of mismanagement and pressure to close out cases rather than investigate them. 000 creates victims from the whistle-blowers and a lot of them suffer more retaliation. >> tonight airline safety and asbestos testing and what happened to the workers who brought their concerns forward. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unidentityth wiu m explosions and flames rock a quiet south bay neighborhood overnight, and now arson investigators are on the scene. plus a brave girl scout takes on a thief in the south bay. taking a live look outside bay bridge toll plaza, looks like a monday out there. at least you can feel good about
6:41 am
the sunrise. isn't that nices? 'nice and clear out. the winds are blowing erg out. >> as mike would say you have company. >> back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather. we'll be your company, after the break.
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and we begin with breaking news, arson investigators trying to figure out what sparked three suspicious car fires overnight and before the flames, neighbors heard explosions. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in campbell with the latest for us. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the neighbors say they heard explosions and more than one of
6:44 am
them rushed out to the parking lot where i am in campbell and captured the moments that those three cars were on fire at the same time. behind me you can see investigators still here on the scene of what they call a suspicious fire. one of our viewers shared his video with us, you can see the flames made quick work of the three sedans, one hyundai, two nissans, now completely destroyed. the battalion chief was here this morning and said this is a suspected case of arson, all three cars at the same time and it did not appear the fire spread from one to another. >> arson decision with working with campbell pd to investigate the cause and origin of the fire. >> reporter: while often the fire department can show up and immediately see what they think is the point of origin, this tomb they say there was nothing obvious. the good news is that no one was injured in the fires because the fires burned in a strip mall
6:45 am
parking lot. the scar far enough away from businesses and apartment that those buildings were never in danger. no one injured. the bad news is that three people will have to figure out how to go on about their day without their cars. those three cars completely destroyed taken looks like they were destroyed on purpose. in campbell, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> what a way for the owners to wake up. thank you. 6:h45 on your monday, checking out your microclimate forecast, a live look outside downtown san jose. >> making way for a pretty nice day, right, christina? >> a little blustery to start but gorge dwrous to finish off day. temperatures all over the place, depends on where you're waking up with us. 36 degrees in san martin, 50 in livermore, mid-40s here and has everything to do where the wind is the strongest, where we are getting the wind is mixing up
6:46 am
the atmosphere, this is warm downsloping wind. that's why you're 20 degrees warmer in san francisco with the sustained speed of about 17 miles per hour versus the 36 in san martin, just 36 degrees out there without the wind. take you to your futurecast you notice by 11:00 a.m. that strong wind will subside. here's the deal. area of low pressure that came through yesterday brought us the clouds, light precipitation through gilroy, is going to start to head off to the east. for us we've got another weathermaker on the way as we head throughout the end of the week and this is actually going to provide us with some much needed rainfall. so a little something for everybody in this week's forecast. remember, you don't have to wait for your seven-day, it's always scrolling at the bottom of your screen. temps in the upper 50s to low 60s at lunch time today, mid-60s. so a pretty day coming your way. especially after we lose that wind by about 10:00, 11:00 today. as we head throughout the mid section of your week, temperatures will climb gradually towards that 70-degree mark, not quite reaching it but
6:47 am
68 degrees on wednesday and thursday and the south bay before that rain comes in, next best chance for shower activity friday in the evening hours that, will continue to the first part of saturday. we'll keep you updated. right now checking your drive with mike. >> we'll take you back to the east shore freeway camera. there's a little bit of activity on the shoulder, westbound your commute just past powell, there's the denny's, landmark for folks. looks like it smoothes itself out and bogging down at the berkeley curve headed toward the bay bridge, top of your screen all that traffic. look at your maps where it shows all that red here and we just showed you on the live view and also coming off of west 580 and west 24 so that's a typical compression as folks make their way toward the maze and east shore freeway which is moving more smoothly because folks were distracted when that initially happened that crash at powell. slower drive down the upper east more freeway westbound 80, no drama carquinez bridge or bay
6:48 am
bridge. concord shows a build and in the north bay looking at novato slowing south at the top of your screen from the novato narrow, past 37 close to the limit and slowing down through san rafael and the curves at terra linda. farther south a typical pattern 880, the nimitz slow from hayward to union city. same thing over here for the tri valley, south 680 slows through pleasanton and sunol. crashes didn't cause a big problem so moving smoothly there, predictable there. we have a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge we extend it to folks across 84, bay bridge and the rip mond san rafael bridges, east bay hills and north bay ranges wind advisory until 10:00. south bay northbound routes, san jose 101, 87, 280, 85 showing that boost in traffic volumes. live look 101 at 680 northbound shows you a little slowing toward alum rock as is typical
6:49 am
this time of day and palo alto, represented by palo alto here north past willow, look how easy the drive is headed to san francisco. clouds not an issue. the traffic and the houses up through menlo park. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a thief thought it would be like stealing candy from a baby but when he snatched a cash box from a girl scout selling cookies she taught him a lesson innious. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from twhere the tug-of-war happened. >> reporter: a lot of people are wondering why would anyone target kids, children, especially girl scouts selling cookies. this is the man who san jose police have arrested for yesterday's strongarm robbery. his name is cody gintz. yesterday this 23-year-old man robbed members of girl scout troupe 6160 as they sold their cookies in san jose.
6:50 am
business was good. the young ladies had amassed $600 in cash sales but 10-year-old sophia cantos knew something wasn't right when she spotted gintz eyeing their cash box. >> he's looking around, looking at the cookies and i keep my hands on the box and start to like pull it away and all of a sudden he jerks and all of a sudden he goes for it. i jerk it away but he's like too strong he gets it. >> to sale from a kid working hard it's horrible. we're devastated. >> reporter: about ten minutes after running away, gintz allegedly returned to the safeway parking lot to get into his car. one of the mothers reported his license plate to police, who eventually arrested gintz for strongarm robbery. they say he had $300 on him, a k9 officer found the cash box ditched in a nearby creek. the officers ended up buying the remaining cookies from the girl scouts, that was $240 and they
6:51 am
also chipped in a $60 donation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nice of those officers to chip in, thank you. happening today a convicted sex offender just released on parole may answer to new charges in court this morning. carlisle villa zon is accused of molesting a little girl earlier in the month. in 2010 he was convicted of molesting a girl at a walmart in san leandro. he'd just been paroled when the latest attack happened. >> a former san francisco police officer finds out today if he will serve time in prison for corruption. ian firminger was a member of a narcotics team linked to a series of illegal raids in 2009. in december he was convicted of stealing money and property along with wire fraud and conspiracy to distribute drugs. he faces up to eight years in prison at today's sentencing. also in court today a high-end call girl charged in the deadly heroin overdose of a google executive. prosecutors say alex tickleman
6:52 am
injected google executive forrest hayes with so much heroin it killed him. it happened 16 months ago on hayes' yacht in santa cruz. tickleman faces felony manslaughter charges for leaving the boat as hayes lay dying. a fire broke out near the corner of 15th and 6th streets saturday afternoon, caused about $1.5 million in damage. the red cross is helping roughly 12 people find a new place to live. in the south bay one person is dead, another in critical condition after they were hit by a car in sunnyvale yesterday often an north wolf road. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. new problems for the port of oakland. despite a new labor agreement, crews temporarily stopped shipping over the weekend. the issue now, break time. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live from the port this morning. stephanie, any idea what's going to happen this morning? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura.
6:53 am
you see there's some movement now trucks going into the gates, but what we learned in the last hour from the port, from officials is that crane operators had been called to a union meeting today, so they will not be here. that will likely impact operations here so it will likely be slower. now this union meeting though is an internal issue and it was decided before yesterday's pickup, when dockworkers decided to take a break at the same time in the morning, instead of staggered rest periods and an arbitrator ruled that was an inlegal work stoppage. workers were ordered back around 7:00 last night. port officials not happy with the hours of productivity lost especially with about six to eight weeks of backlog to clear. >> doubt in the minds of our customers. if they can't count on the reliability of oakland they may be influenced to divert cargo elsewhere. >> reporter: now the good news is, this does seem to be an
6:54 am
isolated incident and the west coast port dispute sell lament that came friday still impact workers at the 28 other seaports from the southern seaport through seattle were in operation yesterday. truck drivers eager to get work done. i spoke to one who said he got here at 5:00 last night to ensure he got work. you've got a lot of cargo stuck in lumboand a lot of people's livelihood on the line as well. luf at the port of oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, steph. east bay leaders are also on the clock apparently, when it comes to a new stadium deal with the raiders as in a 30-day clock. >> the proposed shared stadium in sorb california may be the best game plan especially if progress on a new bay area stadium does not happen within the next month. last week the city of carson announced a planned joint stadium for the raiders and san diego chargers. coliseum leaders feel it may be insurmountable. the city of san diego is
6:55 am
doing what it can to keep the chargers in town. san diego's mayor met with chargers representative yesterday and the two sides talked about ways to work to try to keep the team in san diego. the mayor's office plans to expedite its work on a new stadium plan and present the results to the chargers sometime in the next three months. giants manager bruce bochy back on the field. he was there in scottsdale for yesterday's spring training practice. bochy you'll recall missed the past few days recovering from minor heart procedure. he had two stents put into an artery. it was 90% blocked. bochy said he feels great and immediately had more energy after the procedure. >> we are happy to hear that. markets are booming right now. the dow started the day at near record. the nasdaq kicked off at a 15-year high. >> nice way to start a monday morning, just under 5000. scott mcgrew says expect the index to cross that magic number any time. >> any time. we're at, what are we at, 4944, so we're down ever so slightly on the nasdaq this morning, but do recall that apple and cisco
6:56 am
are going to pull it higher any time they move higher. i was watching westfield, that's traded out of australia. you were mentioning al shabab threatening westfield malls in particular. they hit that one in africa. westfield trading higher this morning, a bit of a surprise. the lawsuit against kleiner perkins speeds this up week as lawyers pick a jury. at question, did the storied investment firm treat one of its employees badly because of gender bias? kleiner perkins says absolutely not. we will be covering that as it goes to trial and throughout the trial. >> thank you scott. time is 6:56. one final ek ch of the day's top stories. arson investigators say the three early morning car fires in camp bell may have been intentionally set. this happened in a parking lot for an apartment complex near winchester boulevard. nobody was hurt. >> over the weekend the somali terrorist group al shabab released a video on twitter calling for attacks on western
6:57 am
malls including the nation's largest mall near anyone yap police. a san jose man is behind bars this morning accused of trying to rip off the girl scouts. the girl scouts who were selling cookies in front of a san jose safeway, when a man stole their cash box. he was later caught and the money has been returned. better things hopefully coming with the weather, 6:57. >> we have a lovely day shaping up. good morning to you. we have some cold temperatures out there for parts of the bay area, others pretty mild, we're at 52 degrees in the north bay, 56 in san francisco. i've got to tell you, though, tonight and tomorrow morning will be much colder. that wind is keeping your temperature up. once that wind subsides it will stay cool for this afternoon, 56 degrees at lunch time in the tri valley, 60s straight up in san francisco, on your way to 63 degrees. highs come in at 3:00 p.m., and we'll hit 64 here in the south bay. if by chance you miss your seven-day forecast, we're going to have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show and it does include some rain and we really need that rain. >> yes, we do.
6:58 am
little breezy right now, hopefully a breezy commute this morning, mike? >> it started out a little rough. look at the san mateo bridge, wind advisories as well for the san mateo bridge and most of our east to west bridges or west to east, depending on your perspective. right now i'm focused on the debris also reported westbound 92, i said a debris, no, there was debris. my japanese heritage kicking in. toward the peninsula, traffic flows smoothly. db it be no concern either but the wind advisories across the east to west bridges. south bay typical pattern of build and things calmed down for the tri valley and east bay. east shore freeway through richmond and berkeley, earlier crash on powell cleared from the roadway but that was causing a little extra this morning. b.a.r.t. back on time as well. >> that's good, it was delayed. good deal. hopefully the oscars didn't delay you if you stayed up late. if you missed anything we have what you need to know for that water cooler talk this morning.
6:59 am
>> yes we do. one you have the big topics doesn't have to do with what was in the show but what was not in the show. lots of people upset to see that comedian joan rivers was left out of the in memoriam portion of the show. rivers appeared in a number of movies including "spaceballs" and "rabbit test." ♪ oh, glory ♪ glory >> the other big talk "morning glory" the song from "selma" best song earning an oes car. it was the only oscar "selma" took home. ♪ when the dogs bite, when the bee stings ♪ ♪ when i'm feeling sad >> yes, lady gaga performance also got a ton of buzz. she did a medley from "the sound of music" and introduced julie andrews. >> and edina mezel introduced john travolta. remember he botched her name
7:00 am
last year. >> only a year to practice he got it right. the oscars got a little political at points, it kept the evening interesting. we hope you enjoyed that performance. >> that's right. all right, have a great day. we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour. >> good morning. >> good morning. flying high. "birdman" soars at the oscars winning four awards. including best picture. eddie redmayne nabs best actor. >> this oscar. >> while julianne moore takes best actress. this morning we're live with all of the highlights from the show and the red carpet. on alert. the iconic mall of america tightening security in the wake of a new terror threat. and while officials say they know of no specific plot, shoppers are told to be vigilant, we're there live. >> nbc news exclusive, kayla's


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